Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guest writer - Wes, funny China

Since Robby is posting all the sentimental stuff. I figure I'll write all the nonsense.  

There are many interesting things here in China.  We were at a plaza looking for food and this is what we found.  

A place called Toilet.  I think thats what happens after you eat there?  I think Robby and Kasey are the same, they love eating spicy chicken sandwiches. But then they have stomach issues and light up the place with some stank (I think that's slang). I left the hotel room so Robby can take care of business. Sorry Kasey I don't mean to call you out.  

I finally found a fried rice place, but Ellie liked my rice better than her noodles. She was so cute, so I let her have it. I m trying to get on her good side. She calls me shu Shua (uncle). She still nodding her head no to me for hugs, Rude. 

Since Robby was a cheerleader in high school, yes cheerleader.  I thought he could do these moves of Kung foo panda.  He tried to impress Ellie, but he didn't come close. 
I think he ripped his pants. Ellie wasn't impressed. 

Ellie has been on and off with Robby, so Robby had the idea to take her to the candy store to win her over.  She found this...
And this...Robby is going to be like me and spoil the girls, and buy anything she wants.  He did say, " I would buy her a Mercedes Benz if she asked. ". 
We walked around the candy store and discovered some disgusting candy. 

Chicken feet candy. 
Chicken mouth candy. 
I m not sure what this is. I think chicken poop candy. 

Well this is the most I have written in my life.  I m exhausted. Kasey normally writes for me, but she is sleeping in the U.S. while I m typing here. I m not sure how to close out. Peace. 


  1. I am literally going to kill you, Wes.

  2. I might help you, Kasey...because I'm sure I'm going to get part of the blame for this! 😞

  3. This is so awesome! I def want Wes to write in more!!

  4. We are cracking up at the Mission! Wes... You are too funny! I brought my makeup bag today.. And gladly didn't need it! 😃