Monday, September 14, 2015

Guest writer - Wes

Robby didn't ask me to post, but Deborah gave me his credentials.  Thanks for sharing all Robby's info, next I'll get his bank account info. I have been known to be an ESL person, so forgive me for my lack of writing skills. 

Down here in China, Robby and I are huge.  I mean muscular. I feel like a giant. This is a pic of us at the train station. Once they opened the gates to get on, it sounded like the bull at the rodeo hitting the gate. It was a mess. 
Everybody's on their phone, anti-social.  

We had an awesome buffet at the hotel, but Luke and Noah spotted these places. So I had to take them there.  Thanks for the nasty chicken McDonalds.  The cheese pizza wasn't so bad.  I'll let you know tonight. 

I'll close for now, but wanted share a pic of the room where had to wait for Ellie to come in. Leslie's stomach hurt because she was nervous and had some McDonald's issues. I'll let Robby post the family meeting pics.  

Ellie might be racist because they told her I was the uncle (shu shu).  And she nodded no.  😔. It's ok, I'll buy her something tomorrow to get on her good side. 


  1. Wow, Wes. Thanks for that. Ha ha, Ellie will come around! Now tell Robby to post some pics!

  2. Thanks for ratting me out Wes! But, even with the bad grammar, I do appreciate the alternate view and the comic relief to all of the crying when I read Robby's posts. :)